Boozy Brunch

Stacey and Jonah host a recap of this past week's shows and finally get to say the stuff they couldn't say on the radio. Adult beverages included.


Boozy Brunch

Why Don't You Go F*ck Yourself, I Will Push You Down the Stairs

How much do YOU remember from school? Guaranteed it's more than this guy. Plus Stacey reveals what would lead to murder.
00:38:44 8/15/2019

Past Episodes

Jonah's face gets frozen and he forgets how to talk, plus foot fetishes, and bad sex as a present!
00:28:35 8/8/2019
For the first time in history, Stacey leaves HERSELF speechless after sharing a, um, er, personal story, and there was a Great White Shark at the Gateway Arch!
00:30:07 8/1/2019
From storming Area 51 to drunkenly calling a bird an Uber (true story), Stacey and Jonah dive deep. Also, can Jonah bring his hatchet on an airplane? The TSA has the answer.
00:26:13 7/17/2019
We get a firsthand account of what it was like on board the Delta plane whose engine failed mid-flight and also Jonah met a giant.
00:00:00 7/11/2019
Jonah is not the only family member to receive erotic poetry, and we get to find out what Albert Pujol's game jersey smells like!
00:24:04 6/27/2019
Tough week for Jonah- his nephew started dropping F-bombs and his dad started writing erotic poetry. On with the show!
00:28:28 6/20/2019
Things get a little of the rails this week. Stacey and Jonah cover the Stanley cup win and then... well... you'll hear.
00:27:30 6/13/2019
Stacey and Jonah meet the world's wildest Blues fan, talk awful um, noises, and Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind calls in.
00:29:22 6/6/2019
How did a young Adele make Stacey Cry? Why is she such a terrible liar? And what exactly was so embarrassing about her encounter with Dave Grohl? The answers lay within.
00:22:37 6/2/2019
What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a sports game? Was it a guy getting h*** in the stands like Paige saw? Also what would it take for you to dump your adrenaline-junkie boyfriend?
00:22:24 5/23/2019


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