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Conscious Talk Radio - 09 - 20 - 19- Diana Clark

(Encore Show) We all make up stories, but what does that mean that we might not be aware of? During this Women's Hour, the feminine focus falls on the stories we tell ourselves and how these stories affect our lives.
00:53:39 9/20/2019

Past Episodes

Topic: Last year marked the fourth straight year of hate group growth... a 30% increase. We'll talk to attorney and author of "Betrayal Of Justice" Mark Bello for his take on why we're all in this together and how we have to speak out against hate. Then... Krysta Gibson, Publisher of New Spirit Journal returns. She has some ideas on how we can feel better. Website(s): /
00:53:11 9/19/2019
Topic: Now that Fall and Winter are around the corner, there are a few things you need to know about Immune Health. We'll talk to health expert Martie Whittekin about the number one therapy she recommends. Then... Can Gemstone Therapy actually improve your health or is it just another "what's old is new again" fad. We'll talk to Jennifer Marcenelle, a gemstone therapy practitioner. She can help us separate fact from fiction about the practice. Website(s): / /
00:53:31 9/18/2019
Topic: Perspective, or how we look at things, plays a large part in our lives. How we give meaning to things in our life is obviously greatly affected by our perspective.... But how might it affect our spirituality? Dr. DiVanna VaDree returns for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality. The subject for the day is, as you might have guessed, "perspective".
00:53:51 9/17/2019
Topic: If you haven't guessed... spiritual rebels are some of our favorite people on Conscious Talk. We've often commented on the number of guests that feel the way we do... black sheep in our families and proud of it. We'll talk to Sarah Bowen. She's a multi-faith spiritual educator as well as an aspiring Jedi. Of course, her book is titled, "Spiritual Rebel: A Positively Addictive Guide to finding Deeper Perspective and Higher Purpose". The Jedi part you'll have to hear for yourself.
00:54:46 9/16/2019
Topic: Free will and divine will. How do they relate and what do they really mean? Danielle Gibbons and Mother Mary return to give us their thoughts to help us understand. Website:
00:53:43 9/13/2019
Topic: Over the years, there have been numerous stories of UFO's and contacts with space beings. Many of the stories and their evidence have been derided or dismissed. But knowledge continues to surface. We'll talk to Gerard Aartsen, who has done a scholarly study of alien contact and the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. He is the author of the A Sea of Consciousness in which he has unearthed the early writings of famous abductee George Adamski. You'll be fascinated by what he's learned. Website:
00:54:30 9/12/2019
Topic: Let's face it, the cultural divide in this country has come to the point where we are unable to engage in reasonable debate on many important issues. Today's guest, James Hoggan, pretty much sums it up in the title of his book, "I'm Right and You're An Idiot". We'll talk to him about his thoughts on our toxic public discourse and how we might clean it up. Website:
00:53:44 9/11/2019
Topic: A central concept of spirituality is presence. What does it mean to be present and why is it important to us? Those are two perfect questions for Dr. DiVanna VaDree. It's time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality so we're gong to have the chance to find out... which would, of course, require you stay present. Website:
00:53:38 9/10/2019
Topic: Is it DNA that determines our success or failure in life? Today's guest, Sandra Biskind, would say that it is our unconscious programs that undermine our success... and she has a unique gift to identify and eradicate them. She's the author of "CODEBREAKER: Discover the Password to Unlock The Best Version of You". We'll find out her ideas on how to live freely and thrive. Website:
00:54:04 9/9/2019
Topic: Unwanted moments in life seem to come all too often. The thing is... our reaction might be even worse. We'll talk to Guy Finley, founder of the Life of Learning Center for Spiritual Discovery about the "Secret of How to Stop Fighting with Any Unwanted Moment in Life". It's time to Wake Up with Guy Finley, right here on Conscious Talk. Website:
00:53:46 9/6/2019

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