While in LA to cover the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January 2018, myTalk 107.1 radio's drivetime divas Lori & Julia said they met Knot's Landing star Donna Mills. Upon reexamining a text message and photo from Julia, morning show host Jason Matheson realized: that is NOT Donna Mills. It's a special presentation of Jason & Alexis: #donnamillsgate, revisited. In honor Lori & Julia's return to the SAGs, relive one of the most fun weeks in myTalk history, and find out -- for the first time or all over again -- was it, or wasn't it, Donna Mills.



EP 10 - The Aftermath

The myTalk staff reflects on what just happened. Rocco wraps it up with a parody song, "It Wasn't Me."
00:05:08 1/28/2019

Past Episodes

The Knot's Landing star herself joins the entire myTalk staff on-air to reveal whether it was or wasn't her that met Lori & Julia at the Polo Lounge in LA.
00:13:07 1/28/2019
Jason dispels all of Lori & Julia's LIES. Dawn bottom lines it, and Donna Mills is booked.
00:13:43 1/28/2019
It's Def-Con 4. Now Lori's family is pissed. Jason recaps #donnamillsgate on The Jason Show. Lori & Julia: WE HAVE EYES.
00:09:38 1/28/2019
Jason is in contact with the galaxy of Donna Mills. Dawn stands steadfast with Lori & Julia. What are Jason and Alexis going to do if they're wrong?
00:07:47 1/28/2019
More trouble for Lori & Julia when they return from the Screen Actors Guild Awards with no audio. Lori is exhausted with the whole thing.
00:12:28 1/28/2019
This is getting hairy! Jason thinks he's found the key to the Donna Mills Gate mystery with some hard new evidence.
00:06:05 1/28/2019
Alexis and Bea Arthur stir the #donnamillsgate pot.
00:07:35 1/28/2019
Jason, Alexis, and Dawn confront Lori for the first time. Lori & Julia do not waiver in their stance, and neither does Jason. Dawn, meanwhile, takes a hard stance.
00:10:56 1/28/2019
It was a typical day at myTalk 107.1 following the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards, until morning host Jason Matheson made an important discovery in his text messages.
00:09:56 1/28/2019
It's been exactly one year since #donnamillsgate. In honor of Lori & Julia's annual SAG Awards coverage, it's time to revisit the funniest thing they have ever done.
00:00:00 1/18/2019

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