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32 Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve, Fine-Tune Your Nervous System & Self-Hack Your Hormones.

When it comes to your hormone balance, your sleep, your mood, your gut function, your physical performance, your cognitive power and nearly every other body and brain variable you want to optimize, nothing beats addressing the health of your vagus nerve. In Podcast #341, I talk a bit about how to enhance your vagus nerve tone and "hack" your nervous system, but I really only scratched the surface of everything you can do to care for and enhance this incredibly important nerve. So in today's podcast, you're going to learn everything you need to know about your vagus nerve and how to properly care for it. If you implement the tips in this episode, I guarantee you will be shocked at the results and effects on stress and heart rate variability, mental horsepower, physical performance, recovery, digestion, hormone balance, libido and much more. My guest on this episode is Joseph Cohen. Joe is the owner and main writer at Since upgrading or 'biohacking' himself, Joe has become an investor and entrepreneur, founding SelfDecode, a biotech company that helps people understand their genetics in order to optimize their health. SelfDecode will use genetics, blood tests, symptoms and other health data to predict beneficial outcomes for drugs, supplements, lifestyle and dietary changes in order to optimize health. Joe also consults with high profile executives, self-hackers and companies and is writing a book about optimizing health. Joe likes to spend his free time learning how to code. During our discussion, you'll discover: -Why Joe was, at one point, unemployable...[5:45] -What the vagus nerve is and how it drastically affects health or disease various organs...[11:50 & 16:45] -The nitty gritty does the vagus nerve *work* exactly...[14:30] -The best way to check your vagus nerve function...[43:15] -Free and easy things you can do increase the health of our vagus nerve...[31:30] -The best sleeping position for the vagus nerve...[44:15] -Top foods and eating strategies hat help your vagus nerve...[35:30] -Joe's top piece of biohacking gear for the vagus nerve...[37:20] -The three supplements for the vagus nerve...[41:20] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -32 Ways To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve article -Podcast #341 on "How To Hack Your Nervous System" -Alan Aragon's Research Review -Perry Marshal book - Evolution 2.0 Breaking Deadlock Between Darwin & Design -Huperzine (club moss) -Galantamine nootropic herbs -Fish oil -Quick coherence technique video -ICES PEMF device -RS6330 genetic snip for vagus nerve health Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Joe or me? Leave your thoughts at and one of us will reply!

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