390: Mike Wasilison and Andrew Dettelbach of Move U

The MoveU Online Fitness Program is a step-by-step guide to understanding and improving your body. The program allows you to discover for yourself where the muscle weaknesses and imbalances exist within your own body. Filled with exercise training videos, safe and challenging workouts, community and expert support, video analysis, motivational coaching calls, and downloadable guides. Andre and Mike founded Move U that has turned into an internet sensation. They have over a million followers on Instagram and I find them hilarious. Check them out at @moveu Exclusive to WODcast Listeners: O2: Use the code WODCAST for 20% off your first purchase at drinko2.com WHOOP The ultimate performance tool that is changing the way people track their fitness and optimize their training. Get personalized daily insight into your body's recovery, daily stress, and sleep performance. Go to WHOOP.com and use code WODCAST for $30 off your order. NATIVE: For 20% off your first purchase, visit nativedeodorant.com and use promo code WODCAST during checkout!

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