We're So Extra

WE'RE SO EXTRA: 3 ( Marathons & Free Peeing, Accidental Flirting, The Meaning of Life, Elder Millenials )

Xanax Rated? 4th Wall Removed? Unicorn Girls? Leslie and Heather considered these titles before landing on "We're So Extra." They talk. About everything. Hang with them. New content* on Tuesdays. *Leslie & Heather don't limit their topics, but do limit their word choices. RATED: "Sex & The City" (TBS edit). Do runners free-pee? Has anyone tried the Diva Cup? Leslie celebrated 420 with a run, explains Easter, comments on what it means to be a "Poor Do-er" and confirms that Heather HAS been accidentally flirting with her. Heather talks about her "Meaning Of Life" philosophy and how she identifies as an "Elder Millennial" thanks to the comedy of Lliza Shlesinger.

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