We're So Extra

WE'RE SO EXTRA: 4 ( Female Body Builder & Foot Fetishes, Coffee Beans & Bagels or Wowser, Dating with a Shidduch )

Xanax Rated? 4th Wall Removed? Unicorn Girls? Leslie and Heather considered these titles before landing on "We're So Extra." They talk. About everything. Hang with them. New content* on Tuesdays. *Leslie & Heather don't limit their topics, but do limit their word choices. RATED: "Sex & The City" (TBS edit). Do you remember your random crushes? Have you dated anyone with a fetish? Heard of the Dating AP Coffee Beans & Bagels or Wowser? Are toenails gross? Heather's sociopath tendencies arise when she's dating. (Which she is not, currently.) Leslie explains what a Shidduch does.

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