We're So Extra

WE'RE SO EXTRA: 7 ( Hypnosis & Peeing on a Bus, Celebrity Dogs, Accupuncture )

Xanax Rated? 4th Wall Removed? Unicorn Girls? Leslie and Heather considered these titles before landing on "We're So Extra." They talk. About everything. Hang with them. New content* on Tuesdays. How do they go from Hypnosis to vomiting to acupuncture to Millennial Snowflakes and Instagram Influencers? It happens. Also, Jordan Knight and New Kids On The Block, Brett Eldridge's dog and going backstage. Want us to do our podcast LIVE from your city? That's possible. Find us on Instagram: WereSoExtraPodcast Email: WereSoExtraPodcast@gmail.com

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