We're So Extra

WE'RE SO EXTRA: 8 ( Car Vomit, Flooding a Hotel Room, Supporting The Troops IN BED )

Xanax Rated? 4th Wall Removed? Unicorn Girls? Leslie and Heather considered these titles before landing on "We're So Extra." They talk. About everything. Hang with them. New content* on Tuesdays. Leslie vomits in her car, gets more notices from Animal Control, flies first class and only gets CHEERIOS and wants to go on a New Kids On The Block cruise. Heather recalls a Ke$ha concert that ended in her flooding a hotel room and explains why dogs bark. If you're familiar with the movie 101 Dalmatians, YOU KNOW. Kate joins them and confirms that YES, you can have Virtual Reality relations. Shout out to Isle Of Man.

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