She's On A Roll

She's On A Roll aka Sandwich Love with Lisa. Lisa Kosty has had a passion for sandwiches her entire life. In fact, she began making her own in grade school when she felt that the ones being served at home or at school weren't "up to her standards." Chicago has no shortage of great delis, restaurants and sandwich joints. Listen as Lisa describes her favorites, chats with friends and sandwich "artists", and discovers new finds along the way! Lisa Kosty can be heard Middays on SHE 100.3 Chicago.


She?s On A Roll

Gayle V's Best Ever Grilled Cheese

She's On A Roll - WSHE-FM Chicago
00:04:04 8/14/2019

Past Episodes

She's On A Roll - WSHE-FM Chicago
00:03:04 8/1/2019
She's On A Roll - WSHE-FM Chicago
00:00:53 7/30/2019

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