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Tori Spelling Isn't Rich Enough To Be A Bravo Housewife. Destiny's Child Reunion - Will They Split Money Equally? . Gigi Hadid Just Cost Tyler Cameron The Bachelor Job.

Tori Spelling would love to join Bravo's 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,' after-all, she was born in the famous zip code, but she has never been asked. Beyoncé and the ladies who make up Destiny's Child are talking about getting back together for a stadium tour, however, lots of details still need to be sorted out, including how the group will split all the money! While Bachelorette runner-up, Tyler Cameron, is loving life running back and forth between model Gigi Hadid and Hannah B, insiders tell STRAIGHT SHUTER that his gigolo-behavior has cost him the top job of being the next new Bachelor. Life behind the Palace walls has already started to get a little boring for new Royal Meghan Markle, which is why The Duchess is already looking at returning to work, searching for the perfect project.
00:24:55 8/19/2019

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After the shocking revelation that Jed Wyatt, who received the final rose on The Bachelorette had a girlfriend right before he left to tape the show, producers have changed the application process to make sure there are no new surprises. While Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are busy showering each other publicly with love over their birthdays, sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER that the couple still has not locked down a wedding date. It has been less than a year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said, 'I do.' However the strains of marriage life are already beginning to show, with insiders telling STRAIGHT SHUTER that the honeymoon is absolutely over. After the recent devastating documentary of Michael Jackson, MTV is having trouble finding a big star to accept the network.s top honor named after the disgraced King of Pop.
00:25:25 8/12/2019
Justin Bieber, the world's most tattooed young popstar, is now proudly displaying a face piercing. But what else is he hiding that has a ring on it? Now that Katharine McPhee, 35, and David Foster, 69, are married, the couple is trying to have kids - ignoring jokes that he could be the baby's grandfather! HGTV's Tarek is back on TV following his ugly divorce with a new original series "Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa" consisting of 14 episodes. However, not everyone is happy to see his return. Michael Phelps, now in retirement from swimming, will not be competing at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but that doesn't mean he isn't being begged to attend!
00:24:17 8/5/2019
ABC welcomed its first ever African-American Bachelorette, Rachel, a few seasons ago, but the franchise has never had a black Bachelor - until now. Two hours that mysteriously where deleted from the original CBS 2018 The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey have been discovered and what they reveal is shocking. Bravo king, Andy Cohen, is looking for a big star to inject some new life into his decade-old Real Housewives of New York and he thinks he has found the perfect person in Wendy Williams! When Meghan met Beyoncé at the premiere of 'The Lion King,' in London the two famous moms were polite and respectful, however they didn't become sudden best friends and exchange numbers. Insiders tell STRAIGHT SHUTER that at a recent screening of the 'Lion King,' Beyoncé's daughter, Blue Ivy, couldn't shut up.
00:24:35 7/29/2019
When Adele and Jennifer Lawrence hit-up 'Club Cummings,' in NYC a few months ago, the two best friends ended up partying in the basement far away from the bathrooms on the first floor. And when Jen had to go, she couldn't be bothered walking up the stairs. With Kevin Spacey's groping case in risk of dismissal if the accuser doesn't testify, the disgraced actor is planning his big comeback. Meghan Markle ruffled some feathers when she stepped out to support Serena Williams, at Wimbledon, after security guards told people  not to take pictures and also because the sold-out event strangely had a lot of empty seats surrounding the Duchess. John Ritter, may he rest in peace, turns out to be the source of one of Hollywood biggest stories - dishing that Angelina Jolie's ex, Billy Bob Thornton, has one of the biggest penises in Hollywood. Watch out Andy Cohen because a new unauthorized tell-all book about the entire Real Housewives franchise is in the works that insiders say will make the recent book about the behind-the-scenes drama at The View, look dull!
00:24:51 7/22/2019
Despite rumors that Meghan McCain is feeling "dejected and sabotaged" by her colleagues at 'The View,' she has zero intention of leaving the show. Bachelorette Hanna B isn't shy about confessing that she has had sex during her time on the hit dating show, however, what she isn't revealing is that while the Fantasy Suite is packed with plenty of things, the one thing it doesn't have is condoms. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just christened their son, Archie Harrison, in a private ceremony, and now friends are telling STRAIGHT SHUTER that the royal couple plans to continue keeping his life private. Brad Pitt surprised the world when he showed up at Jennifer Aniston's 50thbirthday party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in L.A. But since then, the exes are no longer in regular contact with each other
00:26:23 7/16/2019
Meghan Markle has got her eyes on the crown jewels in the Tower of London. Ever since Simon Cowell replaced Heidi Klum and Mel B on the mega-hit 'America's Got Talent,' the two dismissed stars have had zero contact with the naughty Brit! Andy Cohen's new son is forcing the adorable daddy to make major life changes. Anderson Cooper's love of showtunes, particularly from the hit Broadway musical, 'Wicked,' are driving his co-workers at CNN crazy! 
00:25:14 7/8/2019
Buckingham Palace insisting that the couple do not turn the royal christening into a Hollywood spectacle. The Kelly Clarkson Show asking brands to pay money to be in celebrity gift bays! Following the monster success for reality show, Dr. Pimple Popper, a new show is looking to cast people for the teeth version of the hit. Wendy Williams' new boyfriend is already getting so comfortable around his new lady that friends and staff
00:27:38 7/1/2019
Britney Spears is planning to move home to Louisiana to retire and live a more peaceful life. Gay Food Network star, Anne Burrell, has shocked her friends in the culinary world by moving in with her new squeeze - who is a MAN! Following Bradly Cooper's break-up - Lady Gaga has decided that it's best if she stays away from him - especially in public. Meghan Markle is so concerned about leaks to the press that she has insisted everyone on her team, including her new nanny, sign non-disclosure agreements.
00:25:43 6/24/2019
New York Times fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman, is writing a tell-all book about the life and tragic death of Kate Spade, but Kate's estranged husband Andy is doing everything in his power to stop it. Ariana Grande's flamboyant brother, Frankie, has been caught sending pictures of his private parts to other gay men looking to hook up! Madonna is performing at the 50thanniversary of Gay Pride in New York City - and driving everyone involved crazy. There will be no more new additions to The Real Housewives franchise after several tests in cities failed. The monster Bravo hit will not be stretched any thinner.
00:24:54 6/17/2019
Staff inside CNN are rumbling that they soon expect the news giant to offer paid tours of its new fancy New York headquarters. Kim Kardashian makes a brief appearance in her former best pal, Paris Hilton's, new music video and is happy to help out a friend in need! Former "Bachelor" Colton Underwood raised eyebrows when he decided to bite the hand that feeds him and stand with Kelly Ripa following her brutal attack of the franchise. The Spice Girls big reunion tour has only just started and already fans are disappointed by the poor quality of the sounds. But problem isn't likely to get solved anytime soon.
00:26:14 6/10/2019

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