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The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-20-19 Hr 3

Joyce has calm down for a bit but will it last.
00:36:31 8/19/2019

Past Episodes

Its Joyce anniversary 29 years in this market let's reminisce a bit. Joyce is upset find out why!
00:33:28 8/19/2019
Joyce is sick and tired of Democrats destroying this country.
00:32:51 8/19/2019
Mark G. Astor A concierge service specializing in helping families and individuals in crisis because of substance use, mental health and eating disorders. The left makes everything political now. Why do people support Trump Joyce explains.
00:34:16 8/18/2019
The left has gotten intolerable with any difference of opinion what happen.
00:35:40 8/18/2019
Joyce explains why the 2nd amendment is very important now more than ever.
00:35:46 8/18/2019
Joyce remembers the troops also Michael Friedson, executive editor of The Media Line, Reps. Omar and Tlaib ban from visiting Israel.
00:35:18 8/15/2019
Derek from TMZ is back and he wonders what happen to Epstein. Jay-z is working with the NFL Derek explains a little more about it.
00:34:52 8/15/2019
Congressman Michael Waltz went on Trip to Israel with US delegation who is there now. Joyce goes in on Tlaib about her trip to Israel.
00:34:11 8/15/2019
Joyce wonders why we haven't supported the people of Hong Kong. Is the Late Jeffrey Epstein Your Daddy? Harvey Morse is Chairman of Morse Genealogical Services looking into possible heirs.
00:36:27 8/14/2019

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