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Voices of Experience, hosted by noted author and business consultant Paul E. Casey showcases people with experience in their fields. VoE has an emphasis in self-employment, but the show also features timely topics including lifestyle, public affairs, health, fitness, and travel.


Voices of Experience

Voices of Experience - 08 - 20 - 19 - Summer of 1969

Topic: Summer of 1969 Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:55 8/20/2019

Past Episodes

Topic: Don't Retire Without A Plan Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:48 8/13/2019
Topic: The Carnage continues ... Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:28:00 8/6/2019
Title: Wishes Do Come True Website: VoicesofExperience.com
00:27:54 7/30/2019
Topic: Sustainability & Instability
00:27:56 7/23/2019
Topic: Civility. How to get it back. Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:55 7/16/2019
July 20th, 1969 as it stands, brings back MANY memories for many people. Paul takes his GIANT steps in bringing back those important times that were so valuable to many of his colleagues over the years.
00:27:55 7/9/2019
Title: Mental Health: We don't talk about ... but today we will
00:27:56 7/2/2019
Nick Licata: You Can Change the World
00:28:00 6/25/2019
Topic: The Seattle Pilots and the One Year Wonder with Art Thiel Website: voicesofexperience.com
00:27:55 6/18/2019
"Where The Country Is Today with David Horsey"
00:27:47 6/7/2019

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